Luminous and Wild | You are worthy of your wildest dreams
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Last Friday Rosie Morning CHSR 97.9fm invited us on air to talk music and upcoming shows with Toky...

Simple days. Minds marvellously feasting on daydreams without ever stopping to ask what is realisti...

Luminous and Wild is our natural state
Free to recreate ourselves
Open to constant change, connected to our true nature, and willing to shine into the unknown

Isla Mala inspired by Isla Mujeres
May, the force Mala
Mermaid Mala of Mexico
The Eclipse 108

Certified in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Mindfulness Yoga for Children & Youth and Street Yoga.

Rachel is an International yoga teacher, nature lover, Inner Fire Luminary, and educator for a practice that has transformed her life.

She constantly seeks new ways to expand, connect and create.