Luminous and Wild | 12 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day, every day!
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12 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day, every day!

Earth Day may be celebrated officially only once a year but by bringing a graceful gratitude to your daily experience you can nourish a purposeful sense of unity in community and deepen the conversation between inner and outer nature more often.

Take it in, feel it all, how do you connect / consume with awareness.

There are many ways to celebrate the Earth, here are a few of my favourites!

  1. Explore Nature – Get out there: walk, bike, run, roll, swim, paddle, skip, frolic you never know what you may notice when you take the time to slow down and witness the transition. When we feel more connected we feel more compassionate responsibility.
  2. Grow something and sing to it daily: I started a bunch of seedlings a couple of weeks ago and they are already well on their way to glory. We will be able to enjoy home-grown spinach, lettuce, beans, kale, zucchini and many others before we know it.
  3. Drink Fresh Water + Reuse your bottle: I’ve had this s’well bottle for about 2 years now, probably around 10 countries and its saved me time and time again from having to buy plastic especially while travelling! Another fave is a big mason jar, these can double as a perfect home to growing sprouts or taking a salad for lunch.s'well
  4. Walk on the Sunny Side of the Street: This is a kind of mindful no brainer that can certainly happen on the sidewalks of your city or in the pathways of your brain. Flip your perspective to see the light in the situation, there are always many truths and a purpose for everything.salute the sun
  5. Salute the Sun: Yoga as a daily practice cultivates the awareness of connectedness. Be the trees that give us clean air and the warrior to keep
  6. Smell the Roses: Appreciate the details, there is beauty in everything and spring is the perfect time to welcome the season into your senses!

smell the orchids7. Take a cold shower: You’ll use less water and have a shorter shower. Plus you awaken more energy fired and ready for the day!

8. Go Barefoot: Connect to the Earth, feel the textures beneath your toes, this is therapy. feel it all.

barefooted9. Buy Local: Check out the local markets and get all of the yums

10. Eat Clean and Green: Get said market food into your home and into your belly. Investing in good food is to take care of your health, buying local supports the sustainability of small businesses in your community

11. Hug a Tree and Each other: We share the same breath.

12. Be mindful of your breath: it’s a balance a dance a relationship give + takemindful breath


bonus: don’t fucking litter. and say no no nono no no nono no to plastic if we all just keep saying no, they will soon stop making it. Everything adds up.

with love and light


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