Luminous and Wild | About L&W
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Luminous and Wild came to me in a dream.


Its not simply a catchy taglineĀ or the ideal I choose to embody.

Luminous and Wild is our natural state.

Free to recreate ourselves.

Open to constant changeĀ and willing to shine into the unknown.

Of this nature and not separate from it.

I believe there is darkness present in all Light and Light within the darkness.

Our ability to embody the duality and see both as transformative, necessary parts of our evolution is not only compulsory for growth but in the process of acceptance and embodiment, tremendously healing.

May all beings remember that even in the darkest hours, we still shine.

May all beings be brave enough to explore that which they think cannot be done.

May all beings honour the power of their dreams.

May all beings unearth the courage to choose love.

May all beings be safe, happy, healthy and free from harm.