Mindfulness Mindful Bliss: 3 Simple ways to stay close to the source

October 5, 2016

Mindfulness is a practice of finding treasures in all life.

Lets be realistic for a second and agree that in general, no matter who you are, what you do or where you do it, life can be quite unpredictable and full of its interesting situations.

Mindfulness enables us space for presence in this roller coaster of experience. To acknowledge our feelings, be responsible for them, and take compassionate action in the moment to continue living our highest truth.

Over the years and connections and lessons and learning I’ve come to see how much the little things play such a tremendous impact on the big picture.

A dear and well respected friend once said to me “Your yoga classes are steeped in mindfulness. It’s just who you are.”

A piece of feedback that imposed a radiant whole body shine on an inhale, My over thinking is often just an under sharing.

On that note like a sweet herbal tea, I’ll soak out some added flavour by offering more of my own current journey into this exploration of ever-changing life on a rock flying through infinite space and time.

Lately I have been exploring the practice of staying close to the source.

Mindfully living there are many ways you can look at this, likely far more than what I describe below so be free in your exploration and honour what rings true by coming to the surface for you.

Stay close to the source in your food.

You can taste the difference between a carrot fresh from the dirt, And a carrot that has gone through a process to preserve its life, shelved in plastic packaging.

Keeping your food close to the source helps to eliminate all the steps disconnecting you and the earth.

  • Tune into the cycles in your area.
  • Buy local, seasonal items when you can – they naturally come with less or no packaging, and no added mystery ingredients.
  • When going to the supermarket choose items with fewer ingredients as often as possible.

Keep it simple and remember everything good that’s ever been said about eating your vegetables, it’s all true.

Stay close to the source in your body.
  • Dance.
  • Run.
  • Yoga.
  • Sing.
  • Sweat.
  • Lift Heavy weights.
  • Make the sexy time.
  • Meditate.
  • Do a Savasana Relaxation practice

Whatever tunes you happily into breath and body – do more of that – and every single day.
BONUS points for taking this bliss activity of yours into nature.


Considering nature is the source of all sources to ever be sourced – Make time in nature a priority until it is part of the routine.
  • Swap out the car to hike, bike, or walk the commute to work.
  • Bring a blanket to the park and lay on your back breathing at the sky for 10 mins.
  • If you are battling the busy body and busy mind, step out of the fight, take a seat, find your breath, feel the floor. Simply.
  • Take a slow motion walk around the block.
  • Nature cleanse when you need to – Sometimes we become so saturated with the city vibration that a recalibration is essential. Cleanse your eyes from screens and machines, get out of the city sounds, off of the pavement, off your devices, and get into the woods, the water, the wind, the tall grass, the sunset, the crispy fall leaves, the barefoot feelings.

A short time can have longterm power for presence and focus. Even taking a moment of appreciation for the birds in the sky gives the mind an opportunity to focus on a natural flow.

Invite many moments to come back to the source today and this week – let me know how your practice goes!

Practicing a committed time set-aside is wonderful and so is the practice of integration, refinement in the moment, release of the old reaction, presence in the only time that matters, Now.

Be Here.

Presence is the source of all power, enjoy your connections!


Friday Morning on CHSR FM

July 24, 2016

Last Friday Rosie Morning CHSR 97.9fm invited us on air to talk music and upcoming shows with Tokyo Valentine!
Thanks to you CHSR, for being so fun and giving us so many laughs to kick off our show day. We kept the vibe alive all through our evening hours at The Capital (pictured above).

Give our morning show a listen here:

We may just have to do “Tokyo Live” a little more often!


If you like what you hear be sure to find us on SoundCloud and stay tuned to our Facebook page for our next show near you!

Happy Summer Dancing!



Trust in simple

June 29, 2016

Simple days.

Minds marvellously feasting on daydreams without ever stopping to ask what is realistic.

Simple days.

Summer sun-kissed bodies making shapes, shadows of the clouds above.


When did it get so complicated.

Lost and losing sleep in the loose ends.

Tired of tragedies and hoping for healing.


She told me “All of this is nothing more than growing pains uplifting the new way, You’ve got to trust it.” and allowed the silence to formally close the chapter of learning let out through her lips.


All that seems complicated, 

is simply asking 

for a better way of being understood.



12 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day, every day!

April 22, 2016

Earth Day may be celebrated officially only once a year but by bringing a graceful gratitude to your daily experience you can nourish a purposeful sense of unity in community and deepen the conversation between inner and outer nature more often.

Take it in, feel it all, how do you connect / consume with awareness.

There are many ways to celebrate the Earth, here are a few of my favourites!

  1. Explore Nature – Get out there: walk, bike, run, roll, swim, paddle, skip, frolic you never know what you may notice when you take the time to slow down and witness the transition. When we feel more connected we feel more compassionate responsibility.
  2. Grow something and sing to it daily: I started a bunch of seedlings a couple of weeks ago and they are already well on their way to glory. We will be able to enjoy home-grown spinach, lettuce, beans, kale, zucchini and many others before we know it.
  3. Drink Fresh Water + Reuse your bottle: I’ve had this s’well bottle for about 2 years now, probably around 10 countries and its saved me time and time again from having to buy plastic especially while travelling! Another fave is a big mason jar, these can double as a perfect home to growing sprouts or taking a salad for lunch.s'well
  4. Walk on the Sunny Side of the Street: This is a kind of mindful no brainer that can certainly happen on the sidewalks of your city or in the pathways of your brain. Flip your perspective to see the light in the situation, there are always many truths and a purpose for everything.salute the sun
  5. Salute the Sun: Yoga as a daily practice cultivates the awareness of connectedness. Be the trees that give us clean air and the warrior to keep
  6. Smell the Roses: Appreciate the details, there is beauty in everything and spring is the perfect time to welcome the season into your senses!

smell the orchids7. Take a cold shower: You’ll use less water and have a shorter shower. Plus you awaken more energy fired and ready for the day!

8. Go Barefoot: Connect to the Earth, feel the textures beneath your toes, this is therapy. feel it all.

barefooted9. Buy Local: Check out the local markets and get all of the yums

10. Eat Clean and Green: Get said market food into your home and into your belly. Investing in good food is to take care of your health, buying local supports the sustainability of small businesses in your community

11. Hug a Tree and Each other: We share the same breath.

12. Be mindful of your breath: it’s a balance a dance a relationship give + takemindful breath


bonus: don’t fucking litter. and say no no nono no no nono no to plastic if we all just keep saying no, they will soon stop making it. Everything adds up.

with love and light


Sounds of the Summer

April 14, 2016

I’ve been jamming with 4 foolishly talented humans over the past year and the gifts that this music brings into my life are undeniably tangible.

Music always makes sense.

It’s always on time and ready, Giving a voice to all of the feelings in the moments where we couldn’t find the words.

It’s an old friend and a new love, a dream turned into reality and suddenly we’re singing often and people are excited about being there to listen.

Oh sweet Valentines.

Cheers to the bass that moves us,

to the guitar worthy of a pumping fist and bobbing heads

and all of them drums.

Thanks to each and every one of you for supporting our passion along the way, it means so much!

If it makes you move, share the groove!

With love.


Canada to Cozumel

January 12, 2016
The sunset was warm on my right shoulder.
Graciously the fellow sitting next to me said I could have his window seat, much to my delight.

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Alignment Awakening

January 11, 2016

Its the first time my dad ever dropped me off at the airport without tears.

Could be its the first time he’s better at waiting until the car ride home to miss me or perhaps that he knows by now that unlike him I don’t plan on leaving home only to return 20 years later. Continue Reading…

Heart suns want to be wanted

November 4, 2015
I want to be wanted
wanted for more than just a toned and flexible flesh
wanted deeply through the darkest tormented alleyways of my uncertainty
the places only I go alone
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