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Trust in simple

June 29, 2016

Simple days.

Minds marvellously feasting on daydreams without ever stopping to ask what is realistic.

Simple days.

Summer sun-kissed bodies making shapes, shadows of the clouds above.


When did it get so complicated.

Lost and losing sleep in the loose ends.

Tired of tragedies and hoping for healing.


She told me “All of this is nothing more than growing pains uplifting the new way, You’ve got to trust it.” and allowed the silence to formally close the chapter of learning let out through her lips.


All that seems complicated, 

is simply asking 

for a better way of being understood.



Canada to Cozumel

January 12, 2016
The sunset was warm on my right shoulder.
Graciously the fellow sitting next to me said I could have his window seat, much to my delight.

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Alignment Awakening

January 11, 2016

Its the first time my dad ever dropped me off at the airport without tears.

Could be its the first time he’s better at waiting until the car ride home to miss me or perhaps that he knows by now that unlike him I don’t plan on leaving home only to return 20 years later. Continue Reading…