Ciudad de Panama

June 16, 2014

I arrived in the night.
through thunderstorms and rain and the most incredible sunset of my life.
with a fasten seatbelt and keep it fastened no drinks for you turbulence
I arrived out of nothingness
to a sudden sprawl of lights beaming out in the darkness

The first step out of the plane could be bottled and sold.
Hot, thick, air.
Music floods in
A language of expression and passion
expansion in my chest
a firm anchor in this moment

Instantly I am so happy that I signed up for Spanish lessons.
Immediately I am present in this moment.
Senses engaged.

I smell rain here moments before
Its still dancing with lashes of lightning in the distance
Its beautiful.
I am here.
You are too.
attentive and aware.
Here we are.
Breathing, feeling, expanding.

This is why i love travel, its yoga.

Breaking open all of the hardened, rigid parts of myself and leaving me a little lighter, a little more patient, a little more understanding, and a lot more me!


Darkness devours the city as I leave the airport.
The darkness makes the drive to the hostel i booked en route from the Montreal airport even more hilarious in this moment.

What in the world am I doing?

Laughing, Loving and Learning about myself.

There is no better feeling.

More lightning bolts
This presence is love

I awake to many new bug bites and a smoking hot sunny day and fresh perspective.
You know the feeling when you want to put up an under construction sign on yourself so others understand that big shifts are happening inside and that even you don’t know the beauty that will be?
Its like that.
And here we are.
Breathing, feeling, expanding.

I met a new Aussie amigo Andrew at my hostel today who graciously wanted to explore the city with me on foot.


It honestly makes all the difference in the world to find a buddy, especially on your first day in a massive new city, on your first solo backpacking adventure, with Spanish that is ok at best.

Plus then you have someone who is happy to take photos of your yoga shenanigans.


 I have taken hours and hours of Spanish lessons with a wonderful little lady who is so patient with me and even makes learning yoga in Spanish part of my experience.


Have I mentioned how grateful I am?

Grateful for family.

Grateful for love.

and getting out of my comfort zone.

and being on this incredible journey sharing my passion.

and meeting new people.

and getting new bug bites.

and for walking through the city at night to Salsa dance lessons!


There are so many words in my heart
far too many for sleeping much tonight.

When creativity calls you must always forever promise yourself to answer. 

I have been singing for days and days but cannot remember the last time I put music on.
I have been listening to the silence inside myself
singing in celebration of the moment
and all of the goodness around me


And now here, hear.
Can you feel?

The tide has come in and brought so much love with it
The storm will always pass.
There is always more love.

Can you trust in love?

Can you trust that when you are scared and surrounded by darkness that the Light is still shining?

I spent my time in a 5 floor hostel that offered not one but two rooftop patios with panorama views of the city. Perfect place for late night yoga.


I slept top bunk on a bunk that didn’t actually fit into the room so the door hit the bed every.single.time the door would open more than halfway. Which as most of us know, is usually every time a door opens.

So i use the word sleep loosely here. Good thing I didn’t come here to sleep.

In addition to the door, we also have a ceiling fan in the room that sounds like it is about to go rogue and forge a path of destruction through these bunk beds and ruthlessly murder each one of us in here.

I mention these things because in them I notice a change in myself.

A lack of reaction, story, judgement.

My ability to laugh and smile and sing at everything and nothing all at once is back!

And with this bliss, I booked the next leg of my journey, an overnight bus to Costa Rica!

I was wishing, hoping, praying I would meet some more travellers also making the journey from Panama through Costa and on to Nicaragua and of course I did, carrying a yoga mat comes in handy!

I met another Rachel, from Missouri who happens to be doing the same adventure I am on this leg of my trip. amazing. amazing.

A new adventure begins and the wandering Rachel’s are so far having an incredible time in Costa Rica!

We waited to get into Costa Rica for 2 hours and our bus driver tricked us by riding away without us. super funny. . .
Not knowing the language enough to understand jokes and directions. tough!


Up bright and early to take a bus to Granada Nicaragua where I will be teaching yoga for at least a week at Pure Nica – Check out their website!

Cant wait to find out more and keep exploring. Epic adventures on the horizon!

Pura Vida and love from Costa Rica!


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  • Reply Donna Brake June 16, 2014 at 8:09 am

    Beautiful Rachel… Enjoy this adventure my love…. Enjoy it all. I look forward to your posts!!!!


  • Reply Mike Corey June 18, 2014 at 9:14 am

    Friends are never too far away!

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