Empowerment in the flow

May 1, 2015
Be courageous enough
to dive deep
into the jungles
of your spirit
it is here you find the truth.


April had us thrashing in the waves of her highs and lows, often unable to know which way is up, often unable to see clearly that we indeed do have the strength to embrace the present challenges.
Trust that no matter what is happening now, so long as you have the courage to work with the patterns that trip you up, you are able to release yourself from them.
I have crashed and broken and come apart at the seams in the past month. Only now can I see the greater good in all of this enough to bestow the wisdom from the trenches of my spirit. Today is the first day in about 2 weeks that I didn’t cry like a newborn infant. Today was also a really beautiful day of reconnection with goddesses in my life and alignment with the internal knowing that in all reality, has been with me all along.
There need not be a fight or a struggle, even in the most challenging of times we can recognize that all things change. This discomfort is no different from what we have known before and will surely pass once we have learned the necessary wisdom to evolve.
Trust is transformative.
Courage doesn’t lead you down the same old pathways of the “doing mind” and having to figure things out. If we are trying to figure things out we are still trapped in the story of the conceptual world.
The idea that you are going to figure it all out is not real. Figuring it out is an illusion and fighting it out is a misuse of your energy.
The moment you realize that you have never had it figured out and relax into the constant changing flow is the very moment you reclaim your inner knowing.
The universe is guiding you, when you allow yourself the space to listen.
Observe your reactions.
Notice your expectations.
Surrender the need to hold on to the story.
Come back, again and again (and again and again and again and again) to the bare bones experience of living.
The reality of life for you in the moment.
Know yourself.
Live in the present experience with curiosity.
Live in the present breath with curiosity.
Live in your amazing, ever-changing body with curiosity.
Growth doesn’t happen without first having to get a little bit uncomfortable.
I like to think about a seed in its little pod.
Before that seed can sprout it has to break.
Breaking takes courage.
In this breaking it takes on an entirely new form.
Once this happens the seed doesn’t try to go back to the shell it once knew.
Later shell, thanks that was fun but spring is here and sister is going to bloom. now.
No seed has time for that nonsense, why should you?
Once you know your potential there is no going back.
Its time break open to let the Light of love in!
Curiosity at its roots is a deep expression of kindness and compassionate interest.
How does a curious outlook impact the way you experience the day to day activities of your life?
This moment now, you are meeting for the very first time. It has never happened before and will never happen again.
To train this kind hearted interest in life takes trust and trust takes courage.
This is not easy. But you are not alone.
Community is very important in these times so surround yourself with the awakened minds. I call them, spiritual vigilantes: the ones walking through their own path fearless with a machete ready to take down any lame ass fears or stale junky self sabotage patterns.
You know who you are. Thank you for walking these treacherous paths at my sides.
Be clear about what your goals are and what you value.
If action steps towards those values are not happening in the timeline of your daily life they aren’t really true.
Do an honest moral inventory of your current values.
What changes are you willing to make for the sake of your happiness?
Get out your machete.
It is courageous to be a proud lion and clearly understand what you want from this lifetime, and to accept no less.
It is courageous to stand up and choose each moment to be pushing you towards your goals no matter if it feels like a sunny walk in the park or a slow belly crawl in the mud.
Time is not a guarantee so this month is all about making the very most of every day and choosing what enables you to feel grounded, empowered and trusting that each step is bringing you a little closer to you.
Awaken the roaring love in your spirit.
There will be challenges, and obstacles and that is where you come back to your breath and your trust.
What do you want?
Make a list and make it really, really specific.
What do I want in my career?
What do I want in my relationship?
What do I want in my finances?
What do I want in my home?
What do I want in my body?
What do I want in my mind?
What do I want in my emotions?
This list is worth revisiting and updating as often as necessary. People change. Thats life.
Get out of the ideas and get in the action.
You need to be present to create transformation. You are what you believe you deserve.
As we grow there will be less space for excuses and less time to waste energy on what no longer moves us forward.
We are here only temporarily. We forget this.
We are tapping into energies that have always been here, pushing consciousness forward.
Everything that matters is what you choose now.
Breathe deep.
Be kind.
Stand proud.
Believe in magic.
Empowerment is living your full attention in the possibility of the present moment.
Having a goal is just a whole bunch of fluff if you arent actually doing anything about it day to day.
You can very well live an incredibly beautiful life so long as you can live in trust and empowered action.
Focus your mind on the possibilities unfolding instead of the problems that may hold you back.
What is working?
Surely some part of you can recognize what actions support empowerment.
Think back to a time in your life where you felt happy, safe, and powerful.
What were you doing then? Are you doing it now?
I call these the “feel goods”
We forget that we need to keep doing these, every day.
What interests you?
What keeps your sustained attention?
Maybe that’s singing or a long bike ride, the action of making a delicious meal, curling up with a good book, listening to a podcast, going to yoga, getting together for tea with a friend.
Whatever your list may be, give yourself time for your “feel goods” every day.
We have to do the work if we want to create a new reality.
Focus your energy so you are able to be efficient and develop clear ideas about what you need.
Once you know what is working you can easily develop an unwavering self care practice and empowered vigilant awareness of how little by little you are most definitely getting there.
Set your BIG goals at the top of a staircase and start making baby steps.
If you find yourself overwhelmed, chances are you are staring way up high with a cramp in your neck.
Focus on what you can do NOW. Make baby steps. 1% everyday. Slow and steady.
Nothing is impossible with the universe working to make your biggest dreams beautiful realities.
Here is a 50 minute practice recorded in Nicaragua to support a new start and remind you of the limitless potential living deep in that beautiful machine you walk around in everyday.

The time is now, the world needs you.
I believe in your magic.
I love you.

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