Give meaning

May 17, 2015
Give meaning to everything.
The tears that sweep down
like slates of stone upon the sundress
streaked in silhouettes of the breath beneath
Give meaning to everything
silent stillness and there’s nothing to fear
everything you’ve ever needed is here
no holes in whole hearts
Give meaning to everything
the art of being seen
to the ones who call out to your spirit
exactly when, exactly how it was needed
Give meaning to everything
to the moments when the sun came out so suddenly
reminding the clouds were just an illusion
hiding always temporarily, the infinite
Give meaning to everything
The depth to which breath can awaken body
the sensations that arrive from this awakening
and the courage to simply be, right here.
Give meaning to everything
the little piece of paper
that wanted to be found waiting in the same pocket for two and a half years
moments after the series of unravelling inner knots it is seen. I am too.
Give meaning to everything
You can’t get to where you’re going if you don’t know yet where you are
so write. so see. so listen. so silent.
all the words of head and heart and the spaces between until you are empty
In emptiness everything has meaning.

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