Heart suns want to be wanted

November 4, 2015
I want to be wanted
wanted for more than just a toned and flexible flesh
wanted deeply through the darkest tormented alleyways of my uncertainty
the places only I go alone


I want to be wanted for dreams
for who I have become
and who I aspire to be
in my fears and in my victory
wanted for the space I am in this world
gently aligning the stars of my own inner galaxy
living this endeavour of immeasurable possibilities
while giving as many hugs as possible along the way
I want to be wanted as much as I want to be
and for every soul I meet
to want their own light as much as they want mine
my want sees each one shining
burning bright as the sun
the same sun that wont stop shining on my skin these days
and I haven’t forgotten the difference
stress is an imbalance
prolonged imbalance creates dis ease
I remember how clear my skin always was before
now I use a special acne cream on my face every night before bed
and try not to make a big story about it
once imperfect is perfect too
I can allow myself to stop. hiding.
everybody’s going through something
a lot of people’s somethings are silent killers you never hear about
so just give more hugs
and for fucks sake stop being so damn unkind
to yourself and each other
breathe and feel your heart suns shine together
that is what were here for
claiming our right to shine from the heart sun
lighting this whole place up together
you know the feeling
the surface exterior of meat and bones is just here
temporarily granting us permission to revel in the unknown
so excuse me if I can’t remember your given name
but at least I know well that you are bigger than the body you’re living in
your place is in fact the infinite
so maybe I’ll start calling everyone ‘sky’ instead
clouds still come to pass
but once you’ve seen the other side of them you cannot ever forget it
the wanting lingers
leaves are falling from the trees now
a blanket of colours layers the earth we stand on
somehow still these are the days when earth feels the most bare
the sky is bigger than we have seen in months
and nobody mentions it
certainly I could never be the only one
getting lost in all this colour from time to time
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