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October 3, 2013

30 Day Challenge Day 2 – October 2nd

“Each morning we are born again and what we do today is what matters most.” ~Buddha

My practice today is at lunch as I seem to have a lot of things to check off my to-do list before I leave for Ottawa early Friday morning.

My mind is a little busy, trying to hold onto everything on the list and make sure that not one thing is forgotten.

In the minutes before practice starts I float into Headstand and soften into my breath. Its so awesome this power of yoga how a posture that used to make me want to run and hide is now my go-to for feeling at home in my self.

Our Moksha Flow today is fun and funky with options to Handstand that make me feel really wonderful. Im again, sweating like Michael Jordan in OT and I cant help but notice how flawless the women around me look; blushed cheeks, hair in place. They are rocking it!

I look at myself in the mirror; Ive now got my shirt off, which intimidates me every time but part of this 30 day challenge is to love myself unconditionally, All of the time. A practice in updating self-image is always so fascinating to me. I sometimes still see my body 60 pounds heavier before I dove into this Luminous life of well being.

Curls are in a knot on the top my head, I may appear to be melting, but hey, I look really strong! I am happy! I am! Flow and go, with the breath, deeper every moment, and each moment new.

Hopping from cross legged seated position into Chaturanga is makes me excited, determined and I just want to keep doing it over and over!

I took this energy into teaching a yoga class in front of City Hall with 7 giggling teenage girls who literally had to warm to the idea of yoga outside today. We had fun. Sometimes teaching with kids and youth is the greatest medicine for my yoga practice.

Play. Be adventurous. Fall. Embody new strength. Surprise yourself. Smile. Repeat 

As we settled into Savasana we took 10 mins to lay in silence and breathe watching the clouds pass by.

From downtown, to ultimate fitness class. Vo2max. Sometimes it makes me feel like The Incredible Hulk. Sometimes I wonder if I might see my lunch again. I like to dance and do cartwheels while the rest have a water break. Im sure they think I am crazy, but this is what gives me an edge y’all.

From fitness right into teaching a 75 minute Hatha class. 36 people are here tonight and eager to get going. I finally have my class sequenced so I can fit in all of the goodness I want to share and as well to give a long luxurious Savasana relaxation. Small victories!

From here, its back to the Hot Room for a 60 minute candlelit Moksha class. I am so grateful for this period in my life and how I am really stepping up to honour myself first.

Everything changes when I go from teaching 3-4 classes a day and often feeling like I lack enough time for myself, to embodying my own practice and making myself the highest priority. This experience of my self transforms what I can offer through my presence, in my classes, in my relationships, in my life.

It feels good to show up for me, everyday. How are you giving love to yourself today?



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