Last night, I slept naked

November 26, 2013

I highly recommend it.

Sleep naked and alone

for you.

Make it romantic alone on purpose

for you.

Make it perfectly romantic.

for you.

We each have our ideas about what creates the romance we love.

Make yours happen

Make the very best, dream-worthy date night happen.

Make it naked alone and romantic on purpose

for you.


Set an intention.

Set your attention.

Set the Scene.


For me


one. dark chocolate bar with toffee

two. fresh sheets and pillows

three. oms

four. count inhale

five. strands of white lights. I love white lights. everywhere. all the time. shine.

six. second breath retention

seven. candles. I am the lover of the Light

eight. count exhale

nine. fifty seven for my favourite bottle of red wine. Im classy like that.

ten. fingers and thumbs on belly and sternum


Bare hands on naked body.

I follow my breath.

I find a space to let go of everything

I find a space to realize that I have an overly excessive amount of lighting

I find a space to rest my attention here in this bright and beautiful moment

I find a space that is just for me

to breathe

I love this moment.

I live in this moment.

for me.


skin feeling skin

skin does so much for me

I am elastic. I stretch. I bend. I twist. I fold. I sweat. I feel cold.

I am amazing.

Thank you skin.


My hands adventure the landscape of my body.

A body that can walk and run and sing and dance.

A body that has run and biked thousands of kilometres and kept on pushing

A body that has sweat through an unknown amount of yoga classes and still craves more

A body that loves being upside down as much as possible

A body that is so fundamentally incredible that I sometimes forget.

I set out on a new expedition with no destination in mind because I want to remember.

I want to feel an excited lovers first touch that is my own.

Curious, Cautious and Appreciative.


I set the intention to be my own soul mate.

Now and Forever.

I set my attention to love me more than I love you.

Now and Forever.

I set the scene to embrace all that I am with love and to fill myself with this bright Light.



Sparks from my fingertips thanking every piece that makes me complete.

My hands explore the textures of my earth.

Breath moves deeper

I love this moment.

I live in this moment.


I embrace the sensory overload accessible in this perfectly romantic moment with me.

The perfect balance made with each inhale and exhale.

I embrace this beautiful moment by me

for me.


What a nice thing to date my self. Who would have thought it could be so simple.

I smile at the notion of how much we wait for the romance we want

I smile and realize that all the love I need is here within me.

To follow my breath and feel my body my temple.

Breathing becomes the most important thing in the world.

Breath the vehicle to the universe of white lights inside.

Body the only place I have to live and how many times have I wished it to change from its perfectly beautiful natural state.

Unique is perfection.

Breath is peace.

Shed the clothes.

Shed the stories.

and crawl

Into a bed made fresh


Into the space between thoughts


Into body


Into love

Dive deeper than the highway of the conscious mind

Naked body

Naked mind

Once I turned out my Vegas white lights and blew the candles to sleep

midnight darkness fell heavy around me

fireflies took flight inside me

I opened the blinds

and I slept on top of the blankets with purpose.

There was nothing between my skin and the moonlight.

I slept naked, to be with my soul.

Not because there was anyone to impress, there wasn’t.

There was no show

No performance

No one but me

I slept naked to whisper secrets to the moonlight

Thank you

Naked body

Thank you

Naked mind

I love this moment

I live in this moment

for me.




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