“Let go of the story and see the soul.”

November 19, 2013

You know all of those really incredible people in your life?

The ones you spend an hour or even minutes with and keep thinking about how great it made you feel for the rest of the week?

Spend more time with them.

Have tea meet them for lunch meet them for no reason at all but to be seen and heard by someone who really sees you and truly listens.

You know who I mean.

The people that you don’t even need to say words to.

The people capable of holding a space in silence just to breathe together.






The people that cross your mind and you feel warm inside.

Eternal Summer.

Experience as much of your life as you can with these people.

Spend more time with them and let them teach you something.

Let them teach you something meaningful about why you are here.

They are in your life to teach you something meaningful.

Everyone in your lifetime is your teacher.

A lifetime that is short fleeting awkward wonderful and incredibly beautiful all at once.

Spend more time with these people and let them teach you something especially when your life feels more fleeting and awkward than wonderful and incredibly beautiful.

Make moments together.

Live moments together when they are happening.

Look at the stars together.

Dance for no reason.

Lie in the grass together and watch the clouds.

Watch also when your mind leaves and bring it back to this beautiful moment with this incredible human being.

A beautiful human being that makes you laugh smile cry and most importantly feel alive.

Because when you feel alive, you are alive.

You see differently

You feel differently

When you are alive you are awake.

We need a world of people who are alive alert awake and self aware.

No more blah.blah.blah. what did you say something sounded interesting but my mind was elsewhere where I cant remember where oh it was my lunch. Lunch was good I am doing great eating healthy but I really want pizza and honestly Ive been eating so healthy I should just reward myself with a cookie no chocolate no a brownie no ice cream no something salty… oh.


Im back with you again.



Im listening

I am here.

oh look someone sent me a text I wonder what it says I wonder who its from I cant really look because you are still talking and it would be rude to do that when you are talking wouldn’t it or maybe its not rude and I can just check it quickly no its rude but you are still talking and I don’t want to be that rude girl and blah.blah.blah

Inhale 2, 3, 4

Physical sensation brings me back to centre.

My body is sitting in a chair my arms are resting on this table across from your beauty.

Exhale 2, 3, 4

Here we are.

Practice attention.

Practice attention in the moment.

Practice attention living in this moment with your self.

Practice attention living in this moment with your people.

See your self through the eyes of love.

See them through the eyes of love.

And notice how this attention changes ev.ery.thing.

Sometimes the people bother me.

Im human

Sometimes I want to yell and them to just.stop.talking.and.listen. to the rapid fire words coming out of their face like a machine gun attacking every little bit of the world that exists around them

You are human

I am human


Are you breathing

Am I breathing

Inhale 2, 3, 4

Exhale 2, 3, 4

Sometimes they challenge every last ounce of my breath and love to hold a space for the same rant about the same coworker who is still doing the same thing and you know what they might never change can we think about that for a moment and love them for who they are the coworker may always always give you something to complain about and I might always always have to listen to your complaints and can I love you in this moment anyway

Can I love you even when you are complaining

Can I deflect the complaints and send more love

Can I consciously choose through my thoughts speech words and action to create a world living in peace

Even though I think you are being a bit of a grump right now

I see you in your best Light

Grump does not look good on you but you seem to like how it tastes

So you can taste and taste and taste it again and again

And I will see you in your best Light

And know that grump is just a little phase you are going through right now but its nothing in comparison to all of your Light and goodness.

Inhale 2, 3, 4,

Exhale 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Am I breathing

The part of them that bothers me.

Is the same part of me that bothers me.

You are kind of cute when you are a grump

I am kind of getting better at seeing love.






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