New Moon // Goddess Frequency

November 24, 2015

Come beautiful, as you are.


Whatever you are is exactly enough.


Be not afraid to turn your Godliness upside down.


and scream wild as the wolves of your ancestors.


The new moon brought us together on 11.11 to manifest

Wild Things and the reclaiming of Goddess Frequency has been a huge heart project gaining momentum.

Holding a space to come together and witness our changes with the cycles of the moon.

There is so much transformation happening within and around us.

This is an awakening and it has already begun.

These moments shared alive, ready, willing, and hungry for change are just the beginning.

We are making new connections, and trusting deeper than ever before.

Wild Things are everywhere

Once my own awakening started to come in honouring the cycles of the moon, I experienced both an incredible craving and fear of holding this space open for all other women.

Naturally our connections in this world are so beautiful and soul nourishing.

But habitually in this world our connections are restricted by judgement and comparison.

We are free to question the norms and be curious about what it means to be a wild woman in this world.
We explored ideas of if it is possible to show up in this world as a professional woman without a bra on?

And how beautiful also looks like sweatpants, messy hair and no makeup.

In the divine sisterhood we see each other complete, that has nothing to do with the outer shell or inner struggles that come to pass. We are always changing, transforming, and unearthing new possibilities.

Tuning in to Goddess Frequency enables us to celebrate the unique exquisiteness of one another without doubting our own, in these interactions we lift to higher vibrations of consciousness and deeper heart connections.

 Wild Things are able to see each other as full as this coming full moon and vast as the oceans on which it shines.

We are all here together, and together we rise.

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