No dream too big, no moment too small

May 4, 2014

A journey

fuelled by rice and beans

and corn on the cob

and trust




and saltwater

I am alive.

I’m here for a reason.

This week I met some of the most incredible young people

I met them because we were meant to meet.

We met because I changed the course to follow my heart and it led me here.

Grade 7

Bright Eyes

Inquisitive minds

and silence.

Have you ever seen a group of 13 year olds sit still in silence for 30 minutes?

I haven’t either.

Until now.

We started with 5 minutes in silence to breathe

Watch your mind

Where does it go when it wanders?

What is it that brings you back to the present moment?

See how many thoughts you can remember having


And then once the 5 minutes was complete we took 5 more minutes in silence to write about what we noticed, what we thought, what we felt.

We did 3 rounds of this and then we went around the circle to share.

Any and every one will benefit from this exercise,

grade 7 or not.

Cemented in your beliefs or free-spirited and wandering.

Be curious.

Be so curious about how your mind tries to keep you entertained.

and to what your mind says yes you can,

and no you can’t.

Be so curious about how your mind works.

How it holds stories about your strengths, weaknesses and your life.

The cool stuff,

The what-ifs,

The love, the loss, the everythinginbetween

And notice when space comes in

Between your stories

Between your thoughts

Between the moments spent drifting in the stream of consciousness


When you arrive in this moment,

The only one you can change,

The only one where you are truly alive.

Just because your mind tells you so, doesn’t mean it is true.

You can change your story,

in this breath,

this one,

this one,

this one,

this one,

this one too.

Transformation is here and no moment is ever too small to notice.


Are you consciously breathing,

or is it just something happening in your body?

Notice your breath in your belly,

bring that goodness all the way up to your heart.

Notice the space between the inhale

and the exhale

Notice the space your breath gives you to be a little more curious

about this moment, right now.


2 days of teaching grade 7 and I know I am exactly where I need to be right now.

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 1.03.48 PM

I’m alive and happy

Theres a burning in my spirit for everything that makes me feel this beauty

We danced

We did a guitar meditation

We balanced on our hands

and our feet too.

We stuck out our tongues and roared like lions,

Because that is what we are.

You are too.

We stood as Warriors and I asked: “What do you do when life asks you to be stronger than you ever thought you could be?”

a beautiful voice said: “just close your eyes, and breathe.”




If the only thing I do in the Bahamas is plant a few seeds of awareness in these beautiful young minds,

I am so so happy.

Connection is everything.

No way to tell where this moment of awareness could lead




Anything inside that tries to hold you back

Oh sweet little wanderer,

You won’t get very far wearing boots filled heavy with worries.

Be a lion.

Be the lion the whole world needs you to be.

Never let a moment be too small to make a change.

Make certain your dreams scare you a little.

It’s ok to feel like all you need is a hug some days.

It’s also ok to jump out of bed and roar.

Your dreams are waiting for you,

They are out there looking for you too.

Be hungry.




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