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Winter, it’s a wonderful thing.

The nature around us turns inward and so do we, giving ample opportunity for transformation, self exploration and dedication.

Over the Winter creations are a physical, external reminder of the journey inward and the focus necessary to sustain ourselves – cause let’s face it: It’s not easy. The journey is often exciting, full of ups and downs and we all need a little reminder some days.

In my sweet little hometown (Fredericton NB Canada) we fortunately experience 4 very beautiful seasons, but winter is about 6 months of the year. 6 months dark, cold, and nothing growing. Not the most ideal conditions for inspiration to bloom, but it goes on blooming anyway.

Making malas is a meditative practice for me.
It is a part of my inner exploration to use these hands and heart vision to create more beautiful things in this world.

I light candles and chant on the beads, taking time to patiently make each strand special and unique. Theres a certain therapeutic power available at even the sight of stones that enhance each others healing properties – like a plant that grows from the concrete I’m keen to encourage transformation even in the unlikely places.

I started making malas to accompany my meditation practice in 2009 and after receiving so many compliments from my friends about them, I decided to begin making a few for others. Since then I’ve shipped malas all across Canada and US, Central America and Europe and I’m now expanding to include 108 wrap malas, ‘Light Catchers’ and ‘Dreamcatchers’ to the shop.

Handmade Mandala cards accompany each Over the Winter item so regardless of if they are a gift to yourself or to someone in your life, the wearer knows the symbolism of these sacred stones.

Coastline 108 Mala

Coastline 108 Mala | | $140.00

Amethyst, Turquoise and Tiger Eye

Before you can create something new, you must be willing to release what you think you know

Serpentine + Turquoise Inner Earth 108 Mala | | $140.00

Serpentine, Citrine and Turquoise

Heart, Throat Chakra, Kundalini

Strong and mighty Serpentine awakens kundalini energy to clear out blockages and energize the chakras with emphasis to heart + throat chakras.





Forest 108

Forest 108 Mala  | |  $150.00


Golden Turquoise, Tiger Eye, Green Aventurine and Citrine












Q. Why malas?

A. Malas have long been known as a source of power. As a tool to support meditative focus and enhance the minds ability to concentrate therefor deepening spiritual force.


Q. Why 108?

A. Each strand of beads is a multiple of 108 not counting the spacer beads.
108 being an auspicious number for many reasons.
Geometrically it is the natural division of a circle 108=36+72=9 X 12

In Hindu tradition 108 is the number of names or paths to God and also symbolic for spiritual completion, oneness or liberation.


Q. What if my mala breaks?

A. Your Mala is built to last but life happens, it is a good practice of impermanence when a mala breaks – Remember that this breaking means that the karmic baggage breaks too and receive this up level in your non-attachment. The intentions carried in the beads established the inner wisdom to no longer need the outer reminder! Nice work!

*If your mala stretches out within 6 months of purchase, I will re-string it for you at no extra cost. All you pay is the shipping.

Q. Can I order from your instagram?
A. Yes of course! Many people find inspiration from previous mala styles that speak to them. Though I can make yours similar, the materials I use are unique and from nature, stone colour and texture may vary so your mala is always one-of-a-kind just like you!

Q. Do you make custom orders?
A. Yes!

Got some of Grandmas old beads that you want made into something of your taste? Or looking for a distinctive gift for a special occasion? Send me an email and we will create some magic together!

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