Luminous and Wild | Testimonials
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“Rachel’s yoga class brings so much joy to my yoga practice. One of the most incredible yoga instructors I have had the pleasure to experience. I wish she lived closer. :) Fantastic!” – Karen LeBreton

“Rachel is not only a teacher, she is an inspiration, and truly the kind of person that everyone should strive to be like. I began going to yoga two years ago, and was fortunate enough to have Rachel as my instructor. Not only did she help me to fall in love with yoga, but helped me grow as a person and gain an entirely new, and much more positive outlook on my life. Whenever she is in town I recommend anyone I can to attend her classes and am always making an effort to attend them myself. She is passionate about everything she does in her life, and this reflects in her teaching. There could not be a better person out there to guide you in the quest for being a better yogi!”
– Ryan Hunziker

“Thank you for reminding me that my time and body are really mine.
I’m following you on Instagram for some time, as an inspiration for yoga and an encouragement sometimes.
Your courage is rebuilding mine. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing it. Your light shines further than you think, so I’m sending you love back from Zagreb.” – Magdalena Janžić

“Rachel offers a truly unique and memorable yoga experience. She is what you’d expect from a good yoga instructor: knowledgeable and encouraging—but Rachel adds a fun, playful approach to the practice that makes her relatable and sincere. She provides helpful verbal cues for correct alignment, but it’s her way with words and inspiring ideas that make her teachings impactful. I’ve gained tremendous perspective from practicing with Rachel and have learned techniques that transcend the boundaries of yoga to help me in a very real, day-to-day way. I recommend Rachel to everyone looking to improve their life.”
– Jessica Newman

“When you practice with Rachel you feel challenged, inspired, uplifted but most of all powerful. She helps you see your own amazing power that might be buried deep within yourself. That there is a confidence/energy there that you might not have known existed, all you had to do was a little exploration within to find it. Her practices are truly beautiful because each time you practice with her you learn something new about yourself. Rachel’s classes are personally very important to me because she inspires you to be a better version of yourself for you not for anyone else. You want to help to show others there is so much to be proud of, grateful for, and smile about each and everyday.

The retreat itself was a very different experience, Rachel always brings something fresh and new to her practice that nobody has seen here in a yoga class. I personally enjoyed the mixture of Qi gong and yoga. A couple of my faves: Tai Chi Warrior, Meditation/Breath of protection, and so much more. It made a difference for me personally because when I am not doing yoga, I feel angry, a lot of the time, and often times it was hard for me to pin point why, or at least be aware, then letting the emotions pass. Rachel has this gift of opening up your heart to experience, and helping you be more cognizant of your emotional reactions.

Why I ALWAYS recommend Rachel: Well she is one of the most beautiful souls I know… She has been teaching for years, and she was my inspiration to become a teacher. Her classes are always unique, she always puts her own spin on them, and she has the ability to really get a feel for her students movements at the very beginning of class.” – Carolyn Baldwin