Luminous and Wild | Rachel
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500hr ERYT Canadian Yoga Alliance/ 200hr Yoga Alliance

Certified in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Mindfulness Yoga for Children & Youth and Street Yoga.

8 years of practice, +800 hours of certification, thousands of classes, and 10 countries later.
Rachel is an International yoga teacher, Inner Fire Luminary, Wanderlust Ambassador Alumni and educator for a practice that has transformed her life.

Im a yoga teaching, ocean loving, travel songbird.

My life is a flow and a dance, as I constantly seek new ways to expand, connect and create.

My journey has been a wild, wonderful ride thus far and I have full intention to keep it that way.

vancouver warrior

Born and raised on Canada’s beautiful East Coast, I made the wintry trek into the depths of the BC Rockies in 2009 for my first yoga teacher training at Yasodhara Ashram.

5 months of transformative yoga practice, a lot of polar dips and one shaved head later, I knew that everything had changed.


Living at the Ashram for 8 months of my first year as a teacher gave me so much opportunity to see the Light of yoga in everything.

The practice of karma yoga and the teachings of Swami Sivananda Radha helped me to navigate through the black holes of depression and the physical discomforts of scoliosis to a brightened perspective of the present moment.

It was after my time at the Ashram that I moved to Ottawa for a new job as a yoga for youth outreach coordinator at a local not-for profit.

Those teaching experiences directly serving vulnerable populations throughout the Ottawa community humbled me to see how much every. one. needs yoga. Not just people who can afford it or who are courageous to venture out and try a class.
I was deeply moved by my experiences getting out there in the community. Leading confidence classes for girls, and seeing how self love and a safe space in likeminded community gave each of us a space to thrive brought me to life.


Since then I have dedicated my life to this practice, with over 5,000 hours teaching yoga and mindfulness to an extensive population. From toddlers, to seniors, in family shelters, community centres, high schools and hot yoga studios, My passion is to make these ancient teachings as accessible and relevant in our daily lives as possible.

My classes offer a journey to the heart, while keeping balanced a sense of purposeful curiosity; investigating what is happening within the mind and using postures as the tools to continuously recreate oneself.


Yoga should be lighthearted and fun, we keep ourselves so serious all the time. I love creative sequencing, conscious breathing and staying fascinated by how incredible every experience is once we slow down and pay attention.
Bend in a new way. Get sweaty, and messy and delight in your human brilliance while you are alive.
Play in your body with curiosity; explore the landscapes and textures of your mind new through each practice.
Once you find the breath, you find limitless joy and the sky inside your self.

I am always looking to break away my belief patterns and expand to clearer consciousness. Ive come to realize this yoga practice extends far beyond the experience on the mat and becomes the ways we see the potential for our best self to shine through in all of the experiences and conditions of life.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 5.23.53 PM

In the moments realizing “wow I never thought I would ever be able to do this!” we transform, and awaken ourselves to an entirely new landscape of possibilities.

I never thought I would shave my head, or travel solo, or ever be brave enough to become a scuba diver, or courageous enough to sing in front of people but here I am and who knows what comes next!


Currently teaching classes in Fredericton + Moncton NB

Find me in Moncton/Dieppe at Pura Vida Yoga – check the schedule


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