This Moment. This Breath.

Be still.

Your mind wants to be anywhere but here, a wild monkey swinging vine to vine.

The world calls your attention in 10 directions at once. You’re always thinking thinking thinking; give yourself permission to FEEL, to notice, to observe.

Create space from the action/reaction, the emotional whirlwind, the need to have all the answers right. now. And just be.

Be with the fleeting insecurity that accompanies having questions, be with the thoughts of what you had for lunch, where your finances stand, whats happening in your relationship(s) or lack there of and in an instant with the breath, let it ALL go.

You’ve been told for years to “pay attention” but you have never been taught how.

Be still. Lay an anchor down in this moment, with this breath.

Let the waves of thought, experience, and future projection, flow through you with each inhale and exhale. Notice some waves bigger than others, Observe expansion and contraction in the breath to settle the energy. Your thoughts only have power if you give them power, otherwise the energy is neutral.

Be still, and breathe, even deeper. Until your breath sounds just like the waves but now the power is yours.

Arrive with each inhale in this moment. Encourage your attention to anything that keeps your present; the sound of the breath, expansion and contraction in the belly & ribs, your seat rooted to the earth.

Be still, feel yourself here. No matter how many times the mind wanders, dont make a story about it, dont get frustrated, just keep coming back.

Back to the breath, Back to this moment. Arrive. Alive. Here. Now.

Recognize a beautiful transformation taking place; presence, here and now. We are NOT trying to stop thinking, instead we are letting go of the minds constant need to latch onto thoughts, to label them as good or bad, to file them into a category and make an incredibly vivid fairytale about them.

In the same way that we completely let go of the exhale before we have the capacity to embrace the inhale, we must let go of the attachment to thinking our way through things to create the answers we seek. If we are practicing “thinking” we strengthen that practice whether consciously or subconsciously. Thinking creates more thinking.

However, if the practice is presence; awareness in this moment, over time this practice gets stronger and solidifies new pathways in the mind. Allow a conscious appreciation for life in this breath to shine into all aspects of your life.

Whether your practice is on or off the mat, the cushion, the office chair, what keeps you connected to the experience of life brand new in each breath?

Breathe deeper. Your life is only happening in this moment. This moment holds within it every past learning and all future potential.

Breathe. Through the sensations that come and go.

Breathe. Through the expectations you have on yourself, and your desire to change things about who you are.

Breathe, knowing that in this moment, you are already perfect.






  • Reply MaryAnn Barton February 11, 2014 at 2:34 pm

    Nice. I especially like your advice to “Lay an anchor down in this moment, with this breath.”

    • Rachel
      Reply Rachel March 15, 2014 at 9:18 pm

      Thank you. I have an anchor tattooed on my ankle as a little reminder. :)

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