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A whole lot can change in a season.

Focus your mind, dedicate your time, time will take care of the rest.

Set your dreams, intentions and aspirations.

Use these one of a kind creations as a visual reminder, a light through the times of darkness.



Malas have been long considered a source of power. These meditation beads strung to count 108 have fascinated me since I opened the doors into this world of yoga many years ago.

What started as a childhood curiosity for all things beading grew into making malas for some friends, and now to shipping these little meditation jewels worldwide.

Each mala I create is unique to you even if you are inspired by a previous style.



  1. Choose your investment, prices of stones vary.
    >>108 mala $120-$160
    >>wrist mala $45-55 // two for $90 // three for $120



What if my mala breaks?

All is not lost! It can be a good practice in non attachment and it is believed when the mala breaks that the karma is broken – You’ve done well to integrate the learning so you no longer require the visual reminder.

We understand life happens and you love your mala and its bound to receive some wear and tear. If your mala stretches we will restring it for you at no cost within 6 months of your purchase, all you have to do is pay the shipping.


Can I do a custom order?

YES please! I love making your mala as specific to you as I can.


What if my tassle gets messy?

Dip it in a little warm water, pinch the tassle to drain the water out and hang your mala to dry overnight.


I love them all, how do I choose?

Check out the @overthewinter instagram page here to get some inspiration from past styles!

With Light and Love,





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