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Mala beads have long been known as a source of power and tradition.
Making malas is a meditation practice for me – what started out as creating my own conscious jewellery turned into making a few for friends and coworkers and now Im making malas and mandala cards almost everyday. Ive shipped these stunning one of a kind creations to happy customers around the world and with this online shop embrace a new beginning, a new layer of growth.

The stone combinations have healing properties to serve as an external reminder for the internal transformation.

Each strand of beads is a multiple of 108 – not counting the spacer beads and a special meru or “wisdom stone”. Each strand of beads is handmade by me and the 108 necklaces are all hand knotted to last years of wear or practice.

Each mala is unique and holds different energies. Your mala could be a reminder of something you are working with (self love, authentic communication, protection from negative energies) and it could also be a support in a new chapter or big change in your life. (marriage, motherhood, new job, illness or new self care journey)

108 is an auspicious number for many reasons. Geometrically it is the natural division of a circle 108=36+72=9X12

In Hindu tradition, 108 is the number of names or paths to God and also symbolic for spiritual completion, oneness or liberation.

Q: What if my mala breaks?

Have no fear! We have many customers who never want to take their malas off and we understand that sometimes life happens and your mala might encounter a jumpy puppy or curious baby and break. Change is inevitable and a great practice of non-attachment.

First of all you may like to take a moment of reflection on your journey with these beads. The understanding is that when a mala breaks it means that the karma is broken or that you no longer need the external reminder as you’ve integrated the inner learning. So congrats to you!
You could take this as a time to acknowledge your growth and order a new mala that reflects where you are now moving forward.

If you are attached to your stones, all good! You still have a few options:

Within two weeks:

If a mala isn’t meant for you it will break pretty much right away. Sometimes thats when the mind wants one thing but the spirit authentically needs another. If this happens we will re-work your design at no extra cost.

Within a year:

  • You can send back the beads pay the shipping and we will restring it for you at no extra cost.
  • If some of the beads go m.i.a you just send back the ones you can find and choose some new ones to recreate your piece. Cost varies depending on new stones.

After a year of purchase:

  • You can send back the beads pay the shipping and have your mala restrung for $25 bracelet or $50 108 necklace.
Q: What if my mala bracelet stretches out?

Within 6 months:

  • I will resting at no extra cost, all you pay is the shipping.
Q: Do you do custom orders?

Of course we do!

You can send along an intention or colour and we can create from there.

Malas make a meaningful gift for someone special in your life.

We can work with your budget and our vast selection of semi-precious stones to create something unique for you.
We also do wedding jewelry for the bride, or the whole wedding party!

Q: Do you have mens styles?

Yes we do! Mens styles are usually slightly larger than women’s and are often earthy neutral tones. Send us an email to create something just for you or that special guy in your life.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our styles or to create your mala today.