Songs and Sunsets in El Salvador

November 25, 2015

From the journal August 2014 – Leaving El Salvador

The three of us hurried to watch the sunset on my last night.

As the light left town I could feel my leaving too.

Another end.

Another beginning.


I was so happy to have dinner together, just us.

I know you wont say a word about what this means, or doesn’t mean to you and I wouldn’t expect you to.

We dug in the freezer for long enough to let the cold out and the El Salvador heat in.

We picked three chocolate almond coated ice cream and were on our way.

Passing the table of drinking games and cards on foreheads barely lingering for long enough to say goodnight.

I was glad you didn’t want to stay either.

Theres no other way I’d rather spend my last night on the Pacific than eating a chocolate almond coated ice cream and walking barefoot in the sand under an infinite blanket of stars with you.

In the morning we were mourning.

You helped me with my bags, and my smile.IMG_9937

The ocean smelled different today.

Coffee taste wasn’t quite the same.

I missed you before I had even left and looked into those kind eyes of yours wondering if I would ever see them again.

Leaving this is much bigger than I ever thought it would be.

We created something unforgettable in such a short time.


You gave me a high five that stung until I was many miles down the road.

Sitting passenger in a truck driven by a man Id never seen before whose name I couldn’t pronounce with tear streaked cheeks.

You gave me more than you could ever imagine just by listening to the songs of my heart.
“stay happy, keep growing, learning and loving.”

Where ever we go, we will always have our week of songs and sunsets.

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