Luminous and Wild | The Dreamers
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        In 2014 I got the first stamp in my passport (yes the first ever) and then 5 days later my passport was stolen.
This potentially traumatizing event catapulted me into the courage of making my dream of yoga travel teaching a reality.
4 months later while solo-backpacking Central America, I met so many amazing people. Each one in a unique journey of their own, and perhaps even more important, a dream that brought them to be in that place.

       The Dreamers Project is and will continue to be inspired by wandering souls, vagabond spirits and those who hunger for the best life has to offer. There will always be space for more dreams and more dreamers so please reach out if you are inspired to do so.

        Once we share our dreams with others we hold ourselves accountable to take ACTION, and turn that dream into a reality.
This process continues through life, dreams change as we do, but the courage to take action remains. We remember.
Thank you to all those willing to be a part of making this dream of mine a reality.
We share this space to shine bright and answer the wildest calls of the heart no matter how big or small.

“If you are bold and brave enough you will accept the challenge to bring your own unique talents and blessings out into the world.”