The Pure Nicaragua

July 4, 2014

Arrived in Granada Nicaragua into the heat and into a stunning little city full of charm.

Granada streets

Its much hotter here than it was in Panama and Im very grateful to feel the warm sun on my face.

The Wandering Rachel’s tossed our stuff into the most hilarious cab. I cant say Ive ever had the experience of being in the backseat of a car where I can see the road passing by through holes below my feet. Well theres a first for everything and smiles too.

I made my way through the colourful streets to find my home for at least the next week.



I honestly cant really express how grateful I was to connect to such a loving yoga community.

Each meal was delicious, nutritious and such a perfect way to fuel my adventures.

Being here in this community gave me opportunity to practice my spanish and dive into my personal practice. Oh how my body craves a energetic shake up after so many hours on buses.

Classes were well attended and the connections with people from all over the world were aplenty.

Pure savasana


A gift to share the practice, a renewed love for handstands and an opportunity to develop clarity in my next steps moving forward.

I haven’t been able to practice many inversions in recent months since having pneumonia they make me so dizzy and often nauseous.

Isn’t it great to explore a new place and recognize all the new parts of yourself that unfold in the process?

If you find yourself in the lovely lakeside city be sure to check out the market.

The hustle and bustle, colour and smell is beyond anything I can even attempt to describe in words.

rice + beans

Granada was a bright sparkling Light along my journey and I will most certainly return again soon.

To the view.

To the Pure love.

To a new home away from home.

My heart will feel you always.



The lookout


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