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October 18, 2013

I have been on this laptop for 6 hours now. I feel like my eyes are turning into glass and I have experienced many waves of excitement and animosity to this process of building my website. Honestly, I’ve loved almost every moment of it.

Its through this experience that I remember why my preference has always been to spend my breaks in nature, diving into creative expression or finding fun ways to sweat. I took a creative break and it was unfiltered, beautiful madness. It gave me fresh inspiration, that hilarious “I just turned 5” smile and another reason to have a shower.

Back to it! Computers may be mandatory in our culture but they certainly create an challenging experience in staying present and breathing particularly when your computer has a mind of its own.

I found myself on one website looking for new music to play in my yoga class this evening and suddenly realized (this reaction was quite delayed) that on all borders of my screen were invitations to webcam chats. Imagine, breasts of all shapes and sizes, ages and races, moving, shaking, and making me so clear on why women struggle with our bodies.


Im surely not the only one just a little bit sensitive to what I take into my consciousness. The biggest test is the same as in all life: The polarities are present and where do I centre myself. I dont need to read the “10 ways to make sure Im happy” or How to tell if youre depressed, drunk, diabetic, lonely… the list of lists goes on.

What do you FEEL?

Somedays I feel rainbows, I feel like Im made of glitter and watch out when the sun hits me. Other days I feel a little grey, a little rainy. But thats the balance. Its all real. One isn’t better or worse than the other. Its all life. Its all beautiful. Its all me!

So now from this computer I leap into my yoga pants (yes I haven’t been wearing pants this whole time) and I move slowly, like a mindful zombie to the Hot Yoga Studio.

Because there is NOTHING in this world that cant be cured with self love, sweat, and deep breathing.



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