Luminous and Wild | Wild things // Goddess Frequency
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Take your time along infinite horizons of love

When hearts open
minds patterns break
waves to the shores
of awakening.

These are the days that create us.
One breath at a time,
Trust this shape shifting unknown,
Taking you closer to the source.
You are safe here.

You are wild.

Women are natural leaders, nurtures, healers and shining temples.
We are precious and sacred creatures with abilities frequently misunderstood.
All too often this world cheapens us.
Look at your magazines. Even the ones you think are “healthy” are often still whispering to you what you need to do this month to be good enough.
Look at the media mess of manipulation built into everything around you to profit from your feeling small or insignificant.
Maybe she’s born with it? You can bet she damn well was.
This is the journey to remind you of how incredible
you. already. are.
real and wild
here and now, as you are
this world really, really needs you
unique and irreplaceable you
as you are.

Your light matters here.

You loving yourself and loving other women is imperative for women everywhere to be complete, and to keep woman-kind whole.
This is a time where the unrealistic inequalities and pressures of perfection are at a tipping point.
WE are awakening.
We will not buy into all the crap that doesn’t uplift us anymore.
We are or have been cleansing relationships that drain instead of nourish us.
We are setting fire to old limitations like that memory of that boy who said short hair isn’t sexy, or too much muscle is gross, or blonde is more beautiful.
Plain and simple its time to come together and reclaim our right to show up as beautiful no matter what the outside looks like.
Life has taken some twists and turns in consciousness and company through this year, astral energies are aligning asking each one in our own ways to reclaim the goddess frequency.
The frequency that heals, the vibration that nourishes through the ages.
The willingness to walk into a new reality is essential for future Goddesses to thrive.
Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 7.44.32 PM
Your teachers are already among you.
You already know this.
You do not have any more time to keep learning the same lessons that “you already knew”.
You already know this, so stop diminishing yourself accepting anything less.
How will you have the time to get to where you are going?
How will you have the time for your true purpose at the essence of your soul to manifest in this world if you keep living out the same karma?
It is not about what may have come before it’s about choosing love now.
Women relating with other women in Goddess Frequency is uplifting, exciting and rouses your spirit.
When we set the example, men also relate with women on goddess frequency.
We are creating the consciousness that our daughters will inherit.
We can do better than to leave them with something even more superficial than what was given to or mothers, or the limiting mental constructs our grandmothers lived through.
We are creating the future, now. Lets keep women wild.

United we have a powerful voice.

Its time to quiet the mind so you can truly listen.
When you tune into the goddess frequency you are protected.

Stay clear, do not settle.

You have special gifts and there is no more time to waste living in fear of sharing them and shining in the world.

You know the truth by the way it feels. This is your frequency.

Start or keep on keeping on with your practices of clearing space.
The winds are wild and want to dance in your hair, so let them.
Shed the old skin, loosen the faded ideas and polish what excites you.
Connect with the people who inspire you and keep your spiritual cup full.

What feels fresh in your life right now? Spend more time exploring just that.
Your choices are so important so love your choice to say YES! and so say hell no.

Learn to read your signs, your synchronicity and most importantly – learn to trust this intuition.
Accept that we are all being led to greatness in our own ways, and the more we hold the space to listen the more we are ready to receive all that we need.
When we can stand up proud as mirrors for one another the brighter we shine, together.
Mother Earth is our biggest physical representation of this Divine Feminine so please frolic at her shores, marvel at her beauty and breathe in her richness. After all she is you.



You are worthy of your wildest dreams.

I knew deeply that we can only recognize in the world what we already are, so I started taking photos.
The most beautiful women I know, inside and out.
Friendships I cherish no matter how much we may see each other.
Then I realized, it takes a Goddess to know a Goddess and I was feeling so sensitive to the light and disconnected Goddess Frequency. Some times that happens, we all have those times, this is for those times and for every other time in between.
Uplift yourself and uplift each other.
Wild Things live Goddess Frequency by embracing these cycles of inner transformation that parallel our changes in nature.
Wild Things are Lighthouses.
We are the blazing summer heat and the blustery winters darkness.
In tears and in triumph we have come together and in doing so have united a woman wolf pack.

This is a creating a space to come to remember you are never alone.

the space to witness and be witnessed

to see each one as a sister coming alive in her own way

celebrated as a valuable integral piece of this woman tribe

bringing her light into the world

each one unique and beautiful

free to howl at the moon

shine in her skin

and change like the wind


Every time I feel judgement or get wrapped in projections or any other effect of the mass media machine come out in my mind towards another Goddess I step back into this space.
Let go of the story and see the soul.
Come back to the space to remember, the space to witness and be witnessed.
The space to come fully alive in our own way.
each sister celebrated.
Wild Things is the physical manifest for the world to see us aligned. Power in numbers.
We are saying YES to showing up as our Goddess selves in this world.
We are ready, we are fiercely awake, courageous and unafraid.
We keep ourselves and each other full and there is no space to settle for less.
We are willing to let go of what no longer serves us and that starts now.
We know we are human and may often forget our goddess frequency so we unite to remember.
You are not a bystander on your path.
You are not the best supporting actress.
You are queen.
You are a lioness.
You are a wolf.
You are a mermaid.
You are a warrior.
You are a garden always in labour with something beautiful.
You are worth discovering.
You are in bloom and ready for adoration.

just another day in the rockies