Yoga for Kids

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” The Dalai Lama

More than ever children need a space to slow down, breathe and learn to love who they are. Communities everywhere can agree that yoga studios are popping up on many corners and a large percentage of the adult population already enjoy the limitless benefits of a regular yoga practice. But what about kids?

Children are natural yogis. Their ability to learn, embrace curiosity and live a playful life is who they are. Truthfully we could all learn something from the young people in our lives.

We live in a attention deficit culture. We are very busy, excellent multi-taskers, poor listeners, and live subject to incredible social pressures on success, beauty and live in a technology driven age like never before.

Regardless of age we can all benefit from self-care practices that reduce stress and increase emotional, psychological and physical well being. Children can learn that the busyness in the world around us doesn’t need to take place within and in times of stress or uncertainty how to bring relaxation and ease with simple breath awareness.

warrior princesses

Rachel’s boundless energy and vivacious personality compliment the numerous yoga classes she teaches weekly at various locations in Fredericton.

She spent 2 years as Outreach Coordinator to a Yoga For Youth not for profit in Ottawa where her passion for sharing yoga with children and youth led her to a Street Yoga Teacher Training in Toronto and a Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher Training for ages K-12 at the Omega Institute in New York.

Rachel’s smiling inner child affords her an instant connection with her students who enjoy her willingness to have fun in creative class explorations, connecting to the heart, building confidence and presence in our voice and holding space for new beginnings in each breath.

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